Brainmelter Deluxe

Brainmelter Deluxe is a challenging, reflex-based platform game with a (literal) twist: the level rotates 90 degrees when you jump.

Game Features

  • procedurally generated levels mean no two runs are exactly the same beautifully hand illustrated cutscenes
  • over-the-top physics-based deaths
  • lush retro-inspired graphics, contemporized with modern dynamic lighting and particle effects
  • a silky smooth funk and instrumental hip-hop soundtrack to help ease your saltiness

Who is this game for?

Brainmelter Deluxe’s randomized levels and permadeath system mean it’s best suited to those looking for a challenging experience; one which requires mastery of the mechanic, and lightning-fast reflexes.

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“…a fantastic reinvention on the [platformer] concept making it FUN!”

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