Cosmic Ray

The Earth’s sun is about to die. Scientists predict we have, at most, 5 days remaining. The world as we know it is about to end…

Cosmic Ray to the rescue! His mission:

  • Explore distant solar systems
  • Colonize inhabitable planets, terraform inhospitable ones
  • Search planets for resources such as upgrade blueprints and alien artifacts
  • Collect ship parts to buy upgrades
  • Thwart alien attacks while avoiding the perils of space

Take a dash of twin-stick shooter, mix in some planetary colonization, exploration to find said planets, and a ticking clock, and you have Cosmic Ray. It has a lot going on, and it is SO FUN.

Space Game Junkie

Cosmic Ray is a game which delivers what it sells. It delivers the nostalgia of games of old, and proves to be a relaxing and entertaining distraction from work and every day life. (8/10)

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